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One more time….well for the time being!! It has not been easy for her …especially to try and “sound” brave and maybe “smart” after the historic win …even though the “real her” got exposed through the “cracks in the cranium moments”during the infamous interview. While the million years old guy was slamming his head on the refrigerator door, (as the news about her wardrobe makeover leaked) and her clear lack of experience “glowed bright” under the vice presidential debate lights, the rest of the “out of adjectives to describe” world was still cheering her on.

Ladies and gentleman, I give you …….Sarah Palin !!

All I have to do is say “attention” and she will take it from there ….her latest fling is going to be all good for CBS® especially after it is none other than Letterman who has “ruffled” her Alaskan feathers …. I remember how it used to be hot and pretty late in the night in Chennai and how I used to wait up to watch his show (reruns of the U.S version of course )… I still try not to miss any episodes (especially when I am on the road) . Incidentally I watched this one as it aired (the same night) and laughed with the in studio audience at his top ten ….I am a fan of the show and the man …. and I am not stupid … and here is why I have problems with her making all this noise …..so here is a list of questions I have for her …….

Governor, ………

  • Please explain to us (if you get time from hogging the media attention) …how is it O.K. that your “teenage daughter” is threatened by a late night show joke (that is why it is late night…it is not supposed to be watched by the Young and Restless) and but you seem to be not so bothered by her “act of love” which redefines her lack of responsibility like so many other teenagers….
  • Please also break it down for me as to why is it O.K to use tax payer money to waltz around with your whole family during the presidential campaign ….
  • Would you be kind enough to explain as to why pre-election gag was acceptable (you needed them votes so the humor factor was acceptable, right??) though clearly you have started to work on your 2012 come back preparations (read : “controversial and soul stirring disapproval” in a matter of hours of the actual show, which you clearly mistook as a couple of days …

Here is a toast to you for your “knowledge of Russia and foreign policy“…your hunting from the choppers …your Joe six pack jokes … you have proven to the rest of the world how easily, the average American and his intelligence can be taken for granted ….and evidently exploited pretty well ….. !!

This post is not a political outcry…it is a “mirror and reflection experiment” of a certain section of the populous and almost all of the media which is easily distracted by cheap stunts ….for the record… Letterman did apologise…. in his own “62 year old host of one of the leading late night shows with an intellectual following way” and the dust should have settled a long time back… but we do not like that do we ….in a world where a recession is “taxing us” and health insurance costs are “killing us” we need the filler news to keep us busy …… or don’t we ??

This is is another one of his Top Tens …. pre election ..when she did not “mind” the jokes…..!!


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Funny how, as a follow up to my earlier post, I now have an example from every day life to share.Thanks to Jeremy Cohn & Sammy Abusrur (Stanford) and Misha Learner (Jewish Primary Day School, Washington D.C.) and not to forget, one of the favorite (media loves her) representatives of probably the worst eight years of the American political leadership – Dr.Condoleezza Rice. I have to give it to her for not breaking down and or imploring the younger generation to spare her.Beside the flustered come backs and attempts to diplomatic valor what really came out of this was the underlying truth of the hushed fact – “when the President does it, that means it is not illegal”.Does mishandling of power sound familiar? You could watch it with Mr.Frost here or you could watch the movie.

This is the part where I start venting …..

So one day there is a tragedy. One which shook the world with its terrifying motivation and hence the horrifying ramifications.Boss man indulges in some vindictive reactive behavior and decides – we are going to war !! So be it – even though it is tax payer capital which is going to feed the barrels and the missiles for the next eight years (and still counting).While he is “working hard” on these schemes, he also arrives at a decision – a policy where anyone who is of Muslim origin is a suspect.Wait, that is being too specific.I take it back.Anyone who is not a U.S. national is a suspect. You are guilty, until proven “otherwise”. You wait in line to answer uncouth questions at your port of entry – and suddenly you realize your existence (read materialistic know how) is dependent on the “accepted” endorsement from the VISA officer. It is a deride of what you think you are worth.But that is another story.

Now that the ground rules are as clear as mud let us get some arrests going. Let us use the background check software (read tapped phones and receipts from Duty Free stores in Dubai) and short list our suspects for this month or for the next several months.Let our federal agents be known as individuals with extreme intelligence and ethics who create an example for other nations (do they really ??). Now that we have a healthy group of people we don’t believe – let us be covert (still legal) when we move them to some unknown prison (let us assume that is what it is) in a country where the local authority is waiting (with greatest sadistic anticipation) to perform his/her responsible act of inhuman imposition of power (read abuse of power). At the end of several hours that that have been expended – innocent man confesses to knowing someone of identical religious classification, one who is an element of the hatred faction.The rest is …….well I am going to talk about that now.

It is frightening to know – literally to know anyone!! Because there is a supreme power abuse waiting to happen any day in the lives of anyone who knows anyone, who knows anyone.When the news channels exploit the produce of a political exposure about “torture memos“, it is a common man like me who gets agitated.To them it is job security till another gun slinging patron creates magic. To me – it is the imagination of the pains of a fellow human. It is knowing that often times in the media orgy, we tend to forget the victims. We are more critical about who gets the slip. Why are we so scared to ask our questions ? I have read somewhere that the French government fears the people. What about the “supposed greatest nation” in the world? Why is the government feared so much ? So Dr. Rice is only one of the many people who will be questioned, there will be some noise and then there will be blanket of political agenda which will shroud the obvious (at least to some of us).

Rendition,The War Within and Body of Lies are attempts by movie makers to bring some of this truth out in the open.Does it make an impact? Sure it does.Common man like me can blog hours on this and still feel the burn inside, kinda like the one you feel when you see the bad guy win and you tell yourself – that is just not right !!

Here is the exchange….

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good luck ……

I had been following your story for the past few days.While in the car, on the websites, on the news channels and then last night I saw your parents’ interview. They did not seem frightened. They looked strong and like those that have learnt to come to terms with reality. There was pain on their faces but they didnot express any.And I shed a tear.I do not know why. There was no emotional outburst or dramatic portrayal which would have catalysed it.It was probably the acceptance that they have given into, which cut through the technicolor and hit me. Where are you ? Do you think about your NPR days and wonder, if you will witness justice prevail? Will the embarrassment of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stir up the system to re-evaluate the legitimacy of the allegations against you? Roxanna Saberi – I wish you good luck !! I hope their prayers are answered – those who are trying for you !

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The wheels touched at around five minutes after six on Friday. I had spent the last hour and half reading every article in the Sky magazine and just wanted to be home.The weather, let me tell you – was perfect.Nothing like summer (or actually summer …) in Michigan.In a few moments I was in the cab and (like I usually do) finishing up on my phone calls which need to happen before I am officially in the weekend mode.Got home, put the food in the microwave, started to get to my emails and then it happened!! I realized that I am, sans my phone.This entailed a lot of items.Top of that list would be, well … loss of phone contact with anyone (if my phone was lost and not found).It is in these crisis situations that I am almost tempted to sign up for a land line.I calmed down and started shooting emails to two most reliable people (one with a Blackberry and the other with an iPhone) and knew one of them (if not both) would respond in a few. I was not disappointed!! Both did – almost at the same time. The cab company confirmed that they had the phone. I needed to get to their office, ask for a Linda and I would be reunited with my communication to the rest of the world.What could have been an evening of total wind down, warm bath and early bed ended up being a harrowing couple of hours.This to me was a real “out of network” situation !! I realized how much I have been sucked into this technology dependency.Bizarre !!

Speaking of networks, I finally finished watching Sicko.The message in the movie is about a harsh reality we live with every day, well those of us who have chosen to live in one of the fifty states. One of the cases (in the movie) is about a woman who lost consciousness in an accident and was later denied ambulance coverage since she had not accepted services.Well how could she ? Reminded me of our car crash in Baltimore in Nov’07. Our car had been rear ended on the interstate and I was bleeding from the head. And then when the ambulance arrived, I did not want to use their services, Why ? Because I was out of state and not sure what kind of mess I was in and to me my injury was trivial. The emergency team reminded how I was going to be responsible to get medical attention from that moment on and was asked to sign on a sheet of paper while cars were whizzing past us.That and so many other medical situations in so many years played out in my head as I watched the movie.Is it too hard to understand what the common man wants ? When did the humanity disappear in the folders of rejected coverage? Will there be NHS ever in this country?

I was one of the first students who showed up bright and early today for the Yoga class.Our instructor and I got into this conversation about a vegan lifestyle and how she had made the transition a few years ago. I was impressed about some of the things I learnt.And that inspired me to try and cook a complete vegan meal.I knew exactly what I wanted to cook. It had to be pasta. For two reasons – I was craving and I needed something which would last till tomorrow. Something a little fancy and yet not too difficult.So – lots of garlic, ginger, cumin seeds(Indian twist), meatless ground beef (vegan substitute),beans, spinach,peas,salt, olive oil, pepper and dash of paprika partied in the pot over low heat while I listened to the magic of some of my favorite classics.At the end of the half hour, I had for myself this beauty of a true vegan dish.As for the taste ….bellissimo !! I was so excited that I chose to get a good close up on the photograph.Good start to a long day,a tasteful closure and I am ready to crash now !! Adiós !!

I found the song (You Tube …surprise …not) that I was listening to earlier today.Classic !!

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netipot ….again

I did not know about these till Sue told me the other day, ..”have you tried using a netipot?”.”Nope”, I returned.But today was one of the really rough days.We are in the second week of cycle one and it is just extreme talking all day. It is multi tasking at full speed and capacity mis-utilization.Needless to say, the blocked nose and the painful breathing was not helping. I needed relief. Soon. I read a quick review on this and then told myself – “how hard can it be?” I have endured some serious pain and if this is close to that, we should be O.K.We dined at the Penang on Route 10 and the spice just did not do it. I probably need loads of cayenne to flush stuff out.When we neared the pharmacy, the pressure built up. I walked towards the cold relief section and picked up the box.For a pot and about 30 packets of saline what not – these do not come cheap.But I was determined to try it. Determined to not wake up in my sleep trying to breath.By the way, did I mention that I hate NJ.Few anxious moments of the drive back to the hotel and I was ready with my luke warm water, my head bent like they show in the instruction sheet.And it hurt !! It was painful.I think the challenge is how not to breathe in the hot saline liquid flowing through your nostrils.Relief ?Immediately!! I am sold. Will need to practice some more and I will be ready to have my own netipot video on You Tube. Though the very thought of sharing the sight of myself with liquid dripping out of my nose – not a good idea !! I don’t think so…..!!

The pirates have hit again!! This is revenge of the death of their comrades who were killed in the Phillips rescue.So they say. And I am sure they will do this again. In this world where technology has creeped into every corner of our lives, is it that difficult to counter these crooks? How are they so confident about the success of their efforts. Why are guns so easily available?They need to be crushed.I am livid and I don’t want to calm down.

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welcome home …..

Nothing could be a happier moment on Easter Sunday for the Phillips than the news that he is finally safe.After four extremely difficult days (we can only imagine) and a dramatic rescue the captain of this vessel will live to tell the story of his captivity to the rest of the world. I was in the middle of a very busy week at work when the news broke out and I heard a groan inside of me. I could relate to the feeling of helplessness that overcomes the family members when one of their own has to suffer in a crisis like this, something that they have no control over. True, similar incidents probably happen all over the world, everyday. And there can be some serious speculation on, how many of those get so much coverage. But for me and my limited knowledge, that is irrelevant. Right now I am just plain happy for the family. And I wish them them the happiness that every family feels as they welcome home – a son, a husband and a dad and others who are close to their hearts. And not to forget the crew who must be so grateful (and relieved now) that their captain is safe. Job well done !!

As usual I remember an Eagles track on this home coming. Though it is about Christmas and not Easter. This is from their Millenium Concert.Don Felder, your fingers on the guitar ……are the cause of some serious magic.

My fav lines :

So won’t you tell me
You’ll never more roam
Christmas and New Year
Will find you home
There be no more sorrow
No grief and pain
And I’ll be happy, happy, once again

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How do you wake up every morning ?? When I wake up on Monday mornings, the first thought that come to me – “when is the next time I can hit the bed?”. This is me, a common man with limited expectations and a fairly clear idea of what is beyond my reach.Well so I would like to think. And then there are some of us who are active participants of the rat race. And there are others who really always wake up mad (not by choice) but mostly by situation.Like the hundreds and thousands of poor people on the streets of any metropolitan city.But that is a different story !!

But what about someone who is probably the most important person in a world which considers a certain country as the super power (still) ? What about him as a father, as a son, as a husband and not to forget just as himself – Barack !. How many times has he asked himself – “to be or not to be”? There is a close watch on every decision and movement that he is involved with and there are critics waiting to tear him apart as often as they can with their set of beliefs and political agenda.With the job, comes the responsibility and the awareness to let his conscience tell him to do the right thing. But then right is relative to conventional ideology.

I am no expert in politics or anything for that matter. But I think he is a doing a good job. A good job of trying to do good.So how about we cut him some slack. How about we let the man plan, and then execute what he has planned. Today or any day since 01/20/2009 – the news is flooded with change. Like he had promised. Today – North Korea launch, arrest of a potential assassin, aftermath of the Turkish experience and his surprise visit to Iraq.Yes, he can !!

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